Life throws so many curveballs every now and then. It is sometimes very difficult to cope with the changes and challenges that come our way. Today, the pandemic has affected deeply in many people’s life. Some have lost their job, businesses are seeing losses, health concerns, and no physical interaction etc. but every challenge can be seen as a motivating barrier to overcome it, in one way or the other. Maybe it is true; every problem does have a preventive solution (if not complete one). London mobile massage business that saw a downfall in business can now start again.

Here’s how things have changed for both the business and the clients-

  • Studios are opening in compliance with the local, state and national rules and regulations owing to the pandemic.
  • The work towards diligently taking care of every aspect of the business is being rethought. During the closure of many studios due to COVID-19, there have been updates on rigorous sanitation and safety standards.
  • The team is raising the bar of hygiene and sanitation, as well as it is taking into consideration ,every step of your service experience to make sure clients meet the needs in a focused and protected manner that is in agreement with government guidelines. There will be some changes during the next visit as studios have implemented new policies and actions to encourage the health and safety of clients and employees. This will remain the “new normal” for quite some time.

Here are the new safety measures that must be followed-

Cleanliness- Getting done with deep cleaning (sanitizing) of every corner of the room in between massage sessions. It may take 15-20 minutes, but this should be done at all cost.

Avoid crowd- Social distancing is should be maintained at all costs. People must wait in distance or the studio must have facilities for curbside check-in to avoid gathering in waiting area.

Equip the team- The team must have full knowledge about the virus and safety measures. They must have gloves, masks, temperature checking systems. There should be hand sanitizer in the entrance and every room of the best mobile massage in London.

Client wellness- Face mask, temperature check and a small affirmation that you haven’t been sick or haven’t be around anyone who was sick, will make it better for everyone.

Relaxation in private is another measure that must be taken to avoid exposure.