We literally live inside our gadgets nowadays. But there is also a price to pay for it for Best Mobile Massage London. There are so many things that one has to do because everything is connected through our gadgets and the internet. The price we are referring to is texting thumbs syndrome or “Texting Thumbs”, or scientifically speaking De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. It is also widely known as radial styloid tenosynovitis). So can London mobile massage help?

Text thumbs are when you start to have medium pain, tenderness, and/or some sort of swelling in the thumb area and the wrist as the result of constant movement when texting on a tablet and mobile phones or typing on a laptop without the use of proper body mechanics. Hence, massage on the fingers and wrist may just help. Booking outcall massage in London would be good.

The best mobile massage in London for your thumbs

Thumb joint

The therapist should use effleurage from the bottom of the thumb (that starts at the wrist). They should softly press into that part where they feel the bone and a softer region that ends at webbing like part in-between your thumb and your forefinger.

By using medium to solid kind of pressure, they should slide the other thumbs along the ridge of the medial part of it from the wrist to the bottom of the thumb (lighten the stroke as they shift more onto the thumb itself). The therapist should take their time with this motion. They can use a slower stroke. Play around with inhaling as you move ahead or exhale. In this way, it should only be moving one way- outward.

Shifting the stroke more to the centre line of the bottom of the thumb would be good. They shouldn’t move past the first thumb joint (of the metacarpal). The same thing, then move outward. Using the same stroking style, massaging the proximal phalanx (the centre line in between the first and second joint) is what they should do.

After that, they should move the thumb in a circular motion, the minimum of 8 times in one direction, and then repeat that in the other way. Stretch the whole hand wide slowly and gently and the fingers as well.

Ask your therapist if they can provide such a massage for your problem. You can go for a luxury mobile massage in London for this and hand plus wrist massage too.

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, more than 39 million Americans have experienced migraine-like symptoms. That’s almost 10 percent of the population. So, what’s causing this tensed epidemic? One of the major culprits is the stress and tension of everyday life. Add to this the ever-present nature of electronic gadgets and the amount of time we waste in front of screens on a daily basis. This mixture of factors causes our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to go into over-drive, and one side-effect might be the pulse-pounding headaches we know all too nicely. Solutions can be from medicines to the best mobile massage in London.

So what is the first step?

The first step we take is to connect with massage therapists so they can know what is ailing you in as much detail as possible. In many cases, you may be experiencing concealed pain, but they are not acutely alert of where the pain might be originating. Question and answer for more details is particularly important so we can recognize the musculature involved, power and length of the headaches and potential stress triggers.  Then, it’s about knowing the right massage techniques for you by the therapist that will help generate the most short- and long-term respite.

How can massage help?

When you come in to your appointment of outcall massage London the massage therapist will engage with you to further understand what type of pain you are experiencing. Trigger point therapy taps into the body’s inner web of muscles and tissues to alleviate chronic and injury-related aches. This type of massage is mainly effective way to treat original cause headache issues.

For example, the sub occipital group is a minute, but powerful, group of muscles right behind the skull that work overtime to keep the head balanced on the spine. Muscle studies have revealed that the jaw muscles function and dysfunction jointly with the suboccipital muscles in a push-pull connection. Both muscle groups regularly harbor trigger points that cause headaches and mutually, they are the source of many stress headaches and migraines. There are the best mobile massages in London today. Massage applied to these muscle groups can really help alleviate the harsh pain you might be experiencing.

Book for mobile massage in London whether for home or for work, it is available anywhere you want. Also adhere to all the norms of the pandemic that that is taking place worldwide.

Few sensual experiences rival a full-body massage for stress relief and pleasure by Luxury Mobile Massage London. At least among those things you can converse about in front of the kids at the dinner table. Word on the health advantages of massage therapy for tension relief has spread. In 2006, one in six adults – have had at least one massage session. A massage therapist can still reap many of the benefits of this age-old healing practice. Today there is London mobile massage where anyone can get a message anywhere.

Effleurage (Stroking)

The hands are passed continuously and rhythmically over a client’s skin, in one way only, with the aim to raise the blood flow in that direction, relaxing the client, stretching tissues, and aiding the spread of waste products. It involves stroking actions of the hands sliding on the skin and is always the first and last method (as well as being used amid other techniques) applied in a massage setting. Effleurage may be utilized with varied tempo and pressure based on the stage of the condition and whatever the desired outcome of the massage is. It is soothing, so you can book mobile massage in London just for that reason.


The skin is elevated up, pinched and rolled, pressed down, and squeezed. Alternate squeezing and relaxation of the tissues arouse the blood circulation and may have a relieving effect with a number of muscular disorders. The fundamental movement is to compress, lift it up, and then let go of the soft tissues. It is usually used when a deeper effect than effleurage and its methods include:

  • Picking up
  • Squeezing
  • Shaking
  • Wringing
  • Rolling

Ask for more details while booking an outcall massage in London.

Percussion/Tapotement Manipulations

It includes clapping, beating, hacking, thumping, or vibrations.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a manual method for stretching the fascia that aims to release fascia restrictions. Fascia is situated between the skin and the underlying structure of bone and muscle, skeletal structures and connects the muscles, organs, in our body. Fascia can turn out to be limited through injuries, poor posture, trauma, and stress.

There are many other techniques like Trigger-Point, Deep Transverse Frictions, compression, cross-fiber massage, Swedish technique, Contraindications. Go for the best mobile massage in London and choose the appropriate one for your body.

Please maintain all the norms of the pandemic that has been looming around.