Using a Shiatsu neck/back massage pillow is an exceptionally easy, effectual, and low-cost way to lessen sore back & neck muscles and turn away tension headaches – wherever you are. You may find these cushions being used by a outcall massage therapist in London, UK.

But there are dozen types of massage pillows out there:

Massagers with heat, vibrating massage chairs, cushion with no heat, Kneading (deep tissue), and a few of them have all of them. How do you find the best one – and for a reasonable price?

A brief debate

This can be a long debate because everything has its pros and cons.

The pillows are a lovely way to get a massage anytime you want at your home/office. Consumers buy massage pillows for a wide range of reasons. Many use them to calm and prevent muscle stress, back, neck, and shoulder pain. Others use them to chill out at the end of a long day or after a hearty workout or healthy event. Some state that they help you stay away from it and stop panic attacks.

A doctor or chiropractor may suggest using a cushion for some reasons. The first is that they help people to de-stress and loosen up. However, there are remedial reasons to use them too. Part of chiropractic practice can include massage healing. It is a holistic and non-invasive healing process that many patients find helpful and pleasant. Not only does it have substantial physical advantages, but it can help get better a patient’s mental state.

A massage pillow is not a sufficient replacement for expert massage therapy like luxury mobile massage in London but rather an added way to seek relief at home. If you are at present undergoing treatment with a licensed therapist for a medical condition, it is best to talk about whether or not you should use a massage cushions. If you have suffered any wound or endured suffering to an area of soft tissue, your doctor or massage therapist may advise against purchasing one. The benefits of using hands, elbows and knuckles for body rub properly do a great level of goodness on the body than a machine. The significance of touch is very accurate and scientifically proven.


Every personality has needs that maybe like chalk and cheese. Some may need high quality massage tools and some the best mobile massage services in London and some both. Check with with different doctors to be acquainted with all aspects of it. Weigh down the pros and cons.